CASAA investigators are leading the effort through the the Substance Use Disorder Grand Challenge

September 21, 2021

CASAA investigators are leading the effort through the the Substance Use Disorder Grand Challenge to bring together UNM researchers, clinicians, and students with community partners and key stakeholders throughout New Mexico to address substance use and substance use disorder in New Mexico. We are a network of investigators who are dedicated to substance use prevention, treatment, and policy efforts throughout New Mexico, to improve the lives of New Mexicans, and to serve as a model for these efforts nationwide. The Substance Use Disorders Grand Challenge has assembled a team of 92 investigators across 28 Centers/Schools/Departments at UNM with each investigator bringing unique community connections throughout the state of New Mexico. The team is dedicated to amelioration of the suffering associated with substance use and the promotion of wellbeing and doing so in ways that enhance equity.