Research Assessment and Data Servcies

Program Evaluation Services (PES) and Research Data Services (RDS) provides high quality services to recruit, consent, assess, and track research participants using most of the standardized assessment tools developed for alcohol and other substance abuse clinical trials. Details of these services are described below. In addition, for the past three years, PES has worked on projects with the Mind Research Network (MRN); all require real-time data entry. The assessments include information on age, years of education, handedness, SES, cognitive functioning, psychiatric diagnosis, emotional and substance abuse measures, all of which are assessed for each participant. Psychiatric diagnosis is determined through administration of several diagnostic instruments such as the SCID-IV given by trained PES research assistants. The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) is used to assess psychopathy in all participants; the Addiction Severity Index and the Sobell Timeline Follow-back Calendar are used to assess substance use. The data are coded with a unique semi-random nine digit subject number. All data after initial entry into the study are coded based on the participant number. This provides complete anonymization of the data. Direct identifiers will be maintained only within the secure online database that produces the participant's unique research study identifier (URSI) number; the link is in the online secure database.

Our Mission
To provide the highest quality in consultation, recruitment, data acquisition, and data entry and management by national and international standards. We have served numerous projects and almost two decades and we currently are conducting research with links to city, state, and federal funding agencies. We have been recognized for our quality services at the national level.

We offer a variety of services that ensure the success of your research project. Our staff has extensive experience with behavioral and medication trials. Studies conducted in conjunction with us have ranged from small pilot-studies to large multi-site trials such as COMBINE and the CTN. We welcome challenging, intricate, and cutting-edge research protocols. Our services can be customized to include all aspects of your research needs or you can choose those that best suit your project. 

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance
Our trained staff monitors study documents to ensure data quality, protocol and regulatory adherence using applicable national and local regulations and standards. AT FEES YOU CAN AFFORD
To find out more about our services, please contact Roberta Chavez for more information at: 505-925-2367 or

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