Research Assessment and Data Servcies

Data Acquisition
Our certified research staff adheres to the highest ethical standards for collecting and maintaining research data. The staff ensures that study participants' safety and confidentiality are protected while maintaining our paramount commitment to the integrity of the data.Our staff can either conduct study procedures at our facility or we can come to your organization! Contracted study procedures can include:
  • Thorough pre-study screening
  • Documented consent process
  • Study participant interview scheduling
  • Baseline & follow-up assessments
  • Follow-up tracking
  • Maintenance and storage of study protocol case files & confidential records
  • Staff that is exceptionally familiar with research protocol & assessment
  • Bilingual staff available for conducting all aspects of data acquisition

Data Entry & Management
The data entry services aim to provide the highest quality in data entry and data management services. We offer services for double-pass data entry as well as database management. These services can be of a consultative or performance based nature. We have the expertise to work within multiple software environments and we routinely exchange data sets across numerous platforms and formats. We normally use a double-pass method of data entry from hard copy. Independent coders enter all case files twice and the records are then compared electronically. Discrepancies are resolved by reference to the original case file; missing data are addressed directly with the data collection staff. This procedure has been shown to result in less than one entry error per 10,000 (as compared with 3-5% error on single pass data entry by research assistants). The data entry staff is highly experienced in entry and management of data sets. Data entry screen construction is currently done in Microsoft Access, and the data files can be exported in any format desired.


Available Data Entry Services:
  • Consultation in designing user friendly data entry software tailored to program needs
  • Development of data entry software
  • Timely provision of accurate, double entered and verified data sets
  • Integrating and managing complex data sets
  • Provision of formative feedback to improve the quality of data collection procedures
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