Matison McCool, Ph.D

Matison McCoolPostdoctoral Fellow, Center on Alcohol, Substance Use, And Addictions (CASAA)

BS, The University of Texas at Dallas
MA, Clinical Psychology, University of North Carolina Wilmington
PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of North Carolina Wilmington

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Research Interests
Substance use
Behavioral Skills


  • Lothes, J. E., McCool, M. W., Mochrie, K. D., Guendner, E., & St. John, J. (2021). Applying adherent DBT Principles to treatment in a partial hospital setting: An analysis over 5-years of outcomes from intake to discharge. J Clin Psychol, 77, 2431- 2441.
  • Pond, R.S., McCool, M.W. & Bulla, B.A. Multilevel Modeling of Interval-Contingent Data in Neuropsychology Research Using the lmerTest Package in R. J Pediatr Neuropsychol 7, 102-112 (2021).
  • Noel, N. E., van Swearingen, K. M., Urch, M. A., Crews, F. S., Espinosa-Hernandez, G., McCool, M. W., & Jackson, L. A. (2021). Alcohol and other substance use by faculty, staff, and students in a university community during two hurricanes: Lessons for preventing risky misuse. J Community Psychol, 49, 1554- 1567.