Recovering Together in San Juan County: Cross-Discipline Collaboration and a Specialized Outpatient Treatment Program for Families Struggling with Substance Abuse and Child Maltreatment Issues (Spear, PI)

The Cross-Discipline Collaboration model and Recovering Together Program are related strategies that target families with co-occurring substance abuse and child maltreatment concerns, and support the professionals who serve them. Interdisciplinary training will be offered in local workshops, luncheon seminars and online instruction. Information sharing and case coordination will be improved using the internet and a single point of contact to manage services for each family. Outpatient treatment services are family-centered, and include parents, their affected children and kinship caregivers in weekly multi-family group therapy, appropriate support groups for each family member, and individualized adjunct therapy plans. Existing community support services are leveraged heavily to provide a foundation for on-going recovery and to enhance the sustainability of this intervention strategy.