Injectible Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorders (IPOD)

This randomized, open-label trial will examine the feasibility, efficacy, and net economic benefits of XR-NTX for opioid addiction delivered with and without a platform of PN provided for six months compared against an education (ETAU) condition. Before release from jail, participants in the XR_NTX and XR-NTX+PN conditions will receive their first Vivitrol injection (and those in the XR-NTX+PN condition will meet with a Patient Navigator) and will then be scheduled for medication management sessions twice monthly for months 1-3, with monthly injections in months 4-6. Participants in the XR-NTX+PN condition will meet with a PN who will provide behavioral assistance to overcome possible barriers to community outpatient treatment and will be provided with referrals for community treatment programs. Participants in the ETAU condition will receive education designed to reduce the likelihood of overdose on the same schedule as the XR-NTX and XR-NTX+PN groups.