Responsible beverage server training research

  • Randall Starling

    Research has shown that carefully training alcohol servers and sellers to provide alcohol in a responsible fashion (Responsible Beverage Service or RBS Training) reduces customer intoxication and consequent intoxicated driving and other damaging alcohol-related events. However, the way in which training is conducted is important to reducing alcohol-related events. Along with our partners at the Pacific Institute on Research and Evaluation's Prevention Research Center, we have conducted a program of research that has focused on: (a) policy effects of RBS training (establishing mandatory training in a state, and establishing standardized RBS curriculum for trainers), (b) training servers to refuse alcohol service to visibly pregnant female patrons, and (c) the use of web technology to train alcohol servers and sellers in Responsible Beverage Service practices. This last effort has led to the commercialization of WayToServe, an online RBS training program, now approved and available in New Mexico and soon in other U.S. states.